Wednesday 20 September 2017

Day 18: Oslo, Norway

No apologies - this was a 20k day so be grateful there's not double!

8.6 degrees overnight, a new record! (It's an hour out)

The walk to the coast past a royal summer house.

Some local sights.


Not a viking.

A monument to recycling.

Tut tut Grimsby.

 Not even on tiptoes.


The quick way into town.

Olso's all day marathon/half marathon/10k, with our friends Tim and Anne hidden somewhere within.

Akershus Fortress.

Some street art.

The woman in a beige coat showing us just how much she cares about the price. 9 quid a beer in there, our first taste of expensive Norway. We didn't buy anything other than in supermarkets and you'll see how that went later!

Harley rally.

A sauna?

Not for sixty big ones.

Oslo Opera House.

Botanical Gardens in the uni grounds.

In Norway, the grass mows itself.

Out and about.

Wholesome snack?

More Vikings!

Back near Tim's place.

Spot the stilt walker?

Excellent balance.

City skate park.

With fierce competition.

For under 10s?

The walk home.

Easy now.

£4.20 for a single Newky Brown in the big supermarket!

Or £12.50 for a litre of Red Stripe. It's £5 for a litre in the clubs in Leeds! Needless to say, no beer for us.

Back at the harbour we were all set to cook our low budget hotdog pasta when two lovely Norwegians came to enquire about our van. One thing led to another and we were treated to beers in a very fancy new camper followed by a free meal out (which must have cost an arm and a leg!). Thank you, Bente & Jarle! I now know that in Norway they do one thing right and in England they do one thing right. In Norway they drive on the right and in England their steering wheels on the right!

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