Tuesday 26 September 2017

Day 23: Copenhagen, Denmark

Starting the day with a sandy 5k.

The van gets a well deserved wash.

We couldn't not, could we? New bed sheet (since the old one went mouldy after we packed it in a cupboard whilst still hot from the drier - whoops) and some parts for the extractor upgrade, coming soon.

Helsingborg, Sweden for lunch with a view.

Since we had to buy mince in a 500g packet - homemade meatballs round two!

A walk around Malmö.

Goodbye Sweden, Hello Denmark - again!

Still love driving the van :)

A fancy fifty euro bridge.

Yes you are seeing what you're seeing, the bridge has disappeared into the sea..

Arrived at our camp stop in Copenhagen to find it was closed and dismantled last month, eventually made it to a fort in the suburbs. Yes really, a fort!

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