Tuesday 26 September 2017

Day 27: Hamburg, Germany

Someone forgot to lift the lid.

We found a friend.

Light show at the University tube station.

The park!


Out and about in Hamburg.

I think Alex can smell bags.

Lunch by the riverside.

The botanical gardens.

And tropical gardens!

We sat here.

Then this happened. Alex was very calm.

Stepping stones.



Hamburg's fancy new state of the art concert hall where Helena got us free tickets to watch her play with the London Philharmonia Orchestra!!

We might be underdressed.

View from the top.

Couldn't get a better seat! Pekka Kuusisto bows after a folky encore.

We see you!

This was incredible.

A metre of beer with Helena and Tom, before drinking and chinwagging late into the night. Great to see friends! :)


  1. I've finally caught up with your adventures! Loving the blog and the fact that you're still talking to each other 😉 Safe travels to my home town and good luck with finding a dub doctor. Xxxxx

  2. Loooks brill ... please get me a ticket next time !