Tuesday 26 September 2017

Day 24: Copenhagen, Denmark

Van security upgrade.

Out in Copenhagen, first stop - a star shaped fortress.

Little one.

Bigger one.

 Some of the sights.

The famous little mermaid statue.

And bear.

Grab the boobies!

The disfigured mermaid statue.

Marching fluffy hat people.

A little art gallery.

Lads lads lads.

Some more of the sights.

On route to Christiania.

Wacky self-builds and plenty of street art, a very interesting visit.

Weed street, no cameras past here.

The exit.

Fancy church.


Outdoor food market.

Indoor food market.

With Smørrebrød!

Some made it into the mouth.

Beer o'clock.

The Hans Christian Andersen museum.

Tivoli theme park - couldn't justify entry price!

Free music.

Premature steins.

A busy bar.

Gasoline grill?

Taking advantage of our fancy fort facilities.

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