Tuesday 26 September 2017

Day 22: Falkenberg, Sweden

Our crazy German friends beating on their windows to the right.

Awesome view of the overpass.

Back on the road.

Stop off at Marstrand.


Alex made friends with a rock.

A surprise free ferry.

Eureka moment came last night as we discovered why the leisure battery was going flat. The split charge system had blown a fuse and this morning we found a spare!

Some time in Gothenberg.

Cinnamon Rolls!

All the cake.

A very cheesy quiche.

Turns out Alex is afraid of birds! haha.

More reverse psychology, what could be more enticing than Skum? These were very sour indeed.

Extractor version 1.0 with cling film, string and half the dustpan. Condensation away!

Who put that crane there?

A bad omen?

Masterful meatballs meet gorgeous gravy in a Swedish classic.

I don't remember seeing that when we pulled up! Must have been distracted by the giant crane..

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