Thursday 30 November 2017

Day 82: Between Lampiri & Panagopoula, Greece

Goodbye Athens campsite.

We started driving and within seconds it hammered it down.

The rain got so bad that the street began to flood and we had to wait it out at a petrol station. Only days after people had been killed by flooding in the area we were taking no chances.

Then the rain poured in through Alex's window.

And it poured in through mine.

And then in through the back.

The sun came out.

We got back to the coast.

A lovely campsite by the seaside.

Spicy beef noodles for lunch.

A sea diver!

Making friends.

Homemade pasta! First start with an eggy volcano.

Kneed, kneed and kneed some more.



Tada! νόστιμο!

Day 81: Athens, Greece

The Temple of Hephaestus, Athens.

We climbed a big hill..

I had to rest.

A butterfly.

Monument of Philopappos.

Views from the top, out to the sea.

Views across to The Parthenon. It cost 20 euros each.. we didn't go in!

A shortcut back down.

With cat.

More cats.


Street art.

Around the centre & touristy bits.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus, it cost money.. we didn't go in!

Zappeion in the national gardens.

Look what's under my dress..

Street art.

Souvlaki & pitta, with chips and stuff.

Still a favourite..


Their lamps looked like boobs but you can't tell on the picture..

Happy hour!

With street art.

And accordion.

Still happy hour.. we had to get two each you see..

The way home..

Alex decided it wasn't time to go home. Two large beers please..

Spicy sausage pasta, particularly purposeful after consuming lots of booze.

Thank you, Ute for the light. It went great with crib!