Thursday 23 November 2017

Day 72: Pompeii, Italy

Morning amongst the orange groves and the ever-slipping exhaust gets another tighten..

Sadly missing a photo of dad's bungalow-cum-refrigerator (It's latin you gutterbrains!)

The morning drive quickly decends into narrow cobbled streets..

After a failed first attempt at finding the route up to Mount Vesuvius we checked in to Camping Sparticus! And pause for lunch..

The latest fluffy companion.

Hungry onlookers.

Dad gets an upgrade..

Back on the road, our destination looming in the distance.

Alex enjoying the comfort of the rear & gleeful respite from an ear chewing.

The van succeeds in climbing another mountain!

We reach the summit on foot!

That smoke looks ominous..

Some kind of photo shoot..

Look, the campsite..?

The handbrake still works (and those bits of wood behind the wheels..)

Beer in the van.

With beautiful bolognese, the recipe continues its refinement to perfection..

Another day, another cold tap to wash up with..

Enjoying the last of a very fine bottle of wine from a nice old man in Tuscany.

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