Thursday 23 November 2017

Day 73: Naples, Italy

The birthday girl! (milk is not a present)

Hand crafted cards find their way from Leeds along with gifts and advent calendars from Buxton! How did they get to Italy?!

All levels accepted..

Time to get moving!

Ancient Pompeii.

Turns out you can spend eight hours on some of the walking tours - who'd have known!


Some surviving mosaics.

And frescos.

The amphitheatre.

With Pink Floyd?

Vineyards cultivated to match their historic predecessors, Vesuvius behind.

Through the city.

After three hours we were positively potty..

Back on the road, I clearly know what's coming!

After a chaotic drive to find our apartment and overnight parking for the van; a pleasant & peaceful early evening stroll along the seafront..

Boat trip?

The sun sets.

Back through town.

The smartest we've been this trip! (And the view from Dad's room to ours - ha!)

The rest of the apartment and our smart coats, freshly shipped from England (many thanks to the courier).

On the walk.. she thinks it might be pizza!

We've arrived! Destination Palazzo Petrucci; our first experience in a Michelin Star restaurant! (A birthday treat from many kind people).

After being placed in a lift and disappearing many floors below street level we emerged to be greeted by several very well-mannered waiters who duly took our coats and escorted us to a table with views over the beach and sounds of the rolling waves behind..

The evening began with complimentary champagne accompanied by a rather fancy explanation of its origins.

Then followed a Trio of fish - another added compliment from the chef! Salmon; mozzarella cream and anchovy; prawn with black coral.

Not pictured was a variety of assorted breads and olive oil - each with its unique explanation of ingredient origins and its delicate composition. We swilled our bubbly and nodded accordingly..

The Appetizer: Lasagnetta of Buffalo Mozzarella and shrimps with broccoli sauce.

Next up: Chestnut soup with red borlotti beans and pork foam.

Primi: Spaghettone with spicy tomato and “maruzzielli” sauce, yogurt and mint.

Some Michelin Star camera angles here..

Secondi: Guinea-fowl with sweet corn cream and sour blackberries.

Following the main, we were given white chocolate spheres of passionfruit flavoured liquid on sticks dipped in something red. We were advised to eat them whole or risk the consequences!

Dessert: Stratification of neapolitan pastiera with wheat grains, candied fruit and ricotta cheese.

A final treat, 5 more mini-desserts, also complimentary! We ate them all before we could take a picture!

The experience concluded with a well-and-truly-satisfied saunter back to the apartment for final birthday drinks and cards. I think this was a success!

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