Monday 6 November 2017

Day 62: Lucca, Italy

Campsites in Italy are busy!

More new neighbours and people inquisitive of the wattage of our heaters.

Careful with that knife!

Escaping Cinque Terre over some hills.

Back down to another beautiful coastline.

With heat enough to sunbath and swim!

Our friends, Gerald & Thelma.

Our first Tuscan views from up a very high village, Fosdinovo.

Where is everybody?


Another church.

Another church.

Another church.

Super cool dude shooting lasers from his eyes.

Still no people..

Not here.


Big castle.

Views from castle.

Murder weapons.

Ahh, I know why there's no people.. everybody has a nap in the middle of the day!

A dog.

Big pepper!

Motorway mountain views.

Fantanstic fajitas!

We made it back to Lucca where we visited two years previous. Still Luccas good..

Up there's that window Alex put her hand through sending a shower of glass onto the people below :) Fond memories..

This bar has a very casual seating arrangement.

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