Friday 24 November 2017

Day 75: Superfast II, Adriatic Sea

After a long & growly assisted reverse, we're on the Superfast II (don't ask what happened to I).

Seat with a view.

Turns out when you're on a ferry full of trucks, there aren't too many people on board, and the ones who are there stay out on deck chain smoking. Yet the man at the bar still spent twelve hours telling us to leave these seats because we had pillows with us and 'you cannot sleep in the bar'.. dick.

We were given a late night fright as an announcement informed us 'All departing, please prepare to return to your vehicles'. We thought we had another seven hours on board!? After being laughed at by a bored receptionist, it turns out the announcement had really said 'All who are departing at Igoumenitsa..' ..well we didn't know there was another stop!

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