Sunday 12 November 2017

Day 68: Lake Bracciano, Italy.

The latest Campstop. We fit in the space between two spaces!

Up to the top!

Views from Orvieto.

Can you see the van?

The weather is yet to improve.

Leafy lanes.

Wooden horses.



Stop her, she's escaping!

Just trying to get a better view, phew!

Well of the Cave museum.

Is that wine?


and further down we go.

Is that rock smiling at me?

Back through town.

It's busy in here..

..with good reason!

Syrup soaked success.

Fancy cured meat for lunch today.

We turned a corner and.. Orvieto Cathedral.


You can't spell Funicolare without 'fun'.

Back in the rain..

Time for a wash!

Is there such thing as too.. much.. wine??

Tasty meat selection, in freshly baked bread.

Collecting the wash.

Chilli con delicious with spuds. Don't forget the parmesan..

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