Tuesday 21 November 2017

Day 70: Arce, Italy

Lunch in the van, parked outside of a very fancy and exclusive hotel..

It looks like the birthday present's going to be a success! A joint contribution from Alex's dad, Anke & myself has landed us with a night in luxury and a private pasta making lesson :) (Totally not a present for myself..!)

As exclusive as it gets, we have the place to ourselves! Not at all scared :-/

To keep people in or out? :-o


Our first private bathroom! I'd almost forgot the pleasures of a bidet.. what's a bidet again?

Where the magic happens..

The lounge..

With art.

Alex has gone knit a hat! 50 euros and we will mail it internationally..

It's almost time, can you tell?

Chef Milly has arrived, time to get serious.

Kneading the dough..

This is tougher than it looks!

To the left, Tonnarelli - think spaghetti but square. To the right, Fetuchini; the Tagliatelle of the South..

Concentrate concentrate..

Making saucy sauce with olive oil, garlic & some pre-prepared tomato magic using San Marzano tomatoes and basil.

The next pasta is most commonly found in a local dish called Pasta e Fagioli (pasta with beans). Water is used instead of eggs for this pasta and wholemeal flour not plain. This pasta is 'badly cut' :)

No.4 - Filled pasta - Tortelloni.

Filled with sausage meat, nutmeg, parmesan and egg. Cooked in water then tossed in hot olive oil and sage.

Numero 5 - Gnocci - just potatoes and flour!

Dough is kneaded..

Rolled out..


Then rolled over a fork or special tool to get the classic Gnocci texture!

And just like that..

Plating up :)

Fetuchini with fresh tomato sauce and parmesan.

Palazzo Tronconi's own bio-organic wine.

The evening to digest, happy days..

This was a great experience. We even made their blog! https://www.palazzotronconiholidays.com/blog/

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