Friday 24 November 2017

Day 74: Bisceglie, Italy

A flying farewell to Mr Richardson Senior, it's been great!

Back on the road, misty mountains in the distance.


Olive groves.


We'll try patching that exhaust again at some point.. it's not going anywhere.. :-/

Quick tip when buying oil - check the label for similar looking vehicles and see if yours matches.. close enough.

After travelling the width of Italy, we find a little patch of sandy serenity to get a good nights kip before the 16 hour ferry to Greece, or so we thought..

Too much time on the road..

We came back later and saw a dolphin! Super cool!

Three thousand bean bouncing chilli, cha-ching.

After getting down for an early night it became apparent we were parked opposite Bisceglie's weekend party hotspot with pumping out classic club bangers at full whack until 2am! It was even drowning out The Hobbit.. maybe this will help us sleep on the ferry..

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