Thursday 30 November 2017

Day 79: Tolo, Greece

 Back to Sparta, this time the ancient bits open!

Ancient amphitheater.

Ancient.. Alex.

6000 miles and rolling!

Tripoli, we bought stuff for sandwiches here and ate them on the road..

Larissa Castle, Argos.

Down town, Argos.

Fortress Palamidi, Nafplion.

Our free campsite/car park for the night!

A spot of weather, with views.



Well fed dogs..

Since the camping is free, we went for a rather nice meal out! With an absolutely huge thunderstorm going on outside!

An island covered in lights, that looks much better when not seen through a potato, and a load of lightening! This was happening every thirty seconds for hours!

And the sound of rain at half four in the morning..

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