Thursday 30 November 2017

Day 80: Athens, Greece

We survived the thunderstorm! Can't ask for better views with a free nights parking..

Back on the road.

There were so many people selling things by the road we had to stop and buy oranges. And wine.

Friends of Epidauras.

Mines a large latte, no sugar I'm sweet enough..


Another cat.


The great theatre of Epidaurus, still used today - by professionals and amateurs alike..

It was very big.

Museum of Epidaurus.

Sanctuary of Asklepios.


This place has gone to ruin..




Ancient Corinth.

A pause for lunch at one end of the Corinth Canal, and a dog who came to say hello.

Driving over the Corinth Canal.

Views on the way to Athens.

We spent along time in the mean streets of Athens doing a wash and finding a supermarket. We got bored before it all had time to dry..

Cheeky chicken noodle soup, sensational as always.

Cake and custard for dessert.. fancy M&S custard we'd been saving, custard is always worth the wait.

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