Monday 6 November 2017

Day 61: Levanto, Italy

Morning cat therapy session, I think it just wanted our fried chicken!

A train to the furthest of the five coastal villages that make up 'Cinque Terre'.


I've read they plan to limit tourism, this place gets too busy!

Up top.

Giant lemons?

It was just after here we found out the coastal path to the next village was closed due to falling rocks and we would need to pay for more trains!



On returning to the station we found that two of the coastal paths were closed, the paths in fact cost a bomb to walk on, and so did a day ticket for the train! So we did the sensible thing and bought a single ticket which we then blagged several trips from! Of course.


Homemade fried chicken sandwiches, with cheese.. they look healthy enough!

The appetite was back.

Up top.

Back to the train.

Corniglia, up a sh@! load of steps.

We thought we'd have a look at the entrance to the path to village three, without a ticket.. and slowly edged past the ticket booth.. and nobody questioned it.. so happy days!

"I can find the route to the next village much easier if I just check Google Maps to look for where the sea is.."

Looking back on Corniglia from the coastal path.

With oranges?

The sun began to set.

It got rural.

And high.

And there was some dude squatting on a roof.

And an escaping sea monster.

Some place in the middle of nowhere called The Heart of Cinque Terre.

Someone likes their oranges..

We made it to village number four, Vernazza!

'If you're in a hurry, you're not allowed here.' And they weren't kidding, it was half an hour before we were served and the place was empty!

We got served! The sun went down and then the sky lit up!

Then it got dark.

A tower we climbed where at the top we couldn't find any trains running on Google Maps and had a mini freak out that we might be stranded for the night!

Google lied. A short train journey later, village number five, Monterosso.

The tunnel to the town..where we seem to have forgotten to take any pictures?!

Back in Levanto.

Our beers came with free food, get in!

The moon.

We saw two kids chilling in the back of one of these on the way home, they seem to be the way to travel. Perhaps our van has too many wheels?

After 8 hours on our feet & 1 million pictures later, ham & green bean pasta with cheese to top. Tremendous.

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