Tuesday 28 November 2017

Day 76: Olympia, Greece

About half way through the third instalment of The Hobbit, we finally gave in and left the moody barman to sleep in another room..

Almost 16 hours on board and the sun begins to appear once more..

We've hit land, driven south for a tea break at Kourouta Beach and met our first of Greece's many loveable strays - sorry no picture :(

About three or four broken hours of sleep, you wouldn't know..

A bit more time on the road and we find our campsite in Olympia with awesome hosts, one who's 95 years old, that's her husband who's 95 years old, did we tell you he told us he was 95 years old? ;) 'I'mm nninty fivee years oldd you know..'






We see you cat..

In the town.

A very proud shop owner who let us hold the olympic torch that his uncle had the honour of opening the games with some years ago.


Ancient Olympia.




The olympic stadium.

Two cats.

More of Olympia.


More of Olympia - this place was big!

Archaelogical Museum of Olympia.

A brief walk up a hill to find a statue, we were unsuccessful.

Museum of the History of the Olympic Games.

This is possibly Alex's favourite food (and somehow we only ate it once!): Saganaki.

Possibly Alex's second favourite food: Souvlaki.

Awh, a heart-shaped piece of fried pork.. the romance is still strong..!

Cats, cats, everywhere cats!

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