Monday 6 November 2017

Day 63: Borgo a Mozzano, Italy

A morning jog by a WEIR! We never saw the doe..

Our pleasant campsite.

Lucca's walls.

Hungry after the run!


Circly bit we liked.

The streets.

Chocolate fountain!

Turns out they were leading up to Europe's largest comic event (not the funny kind).

The Walking Dead fits nicely for halloween!



Our choice..

..the result! And this is where it gets interesting.. a quick Google of Tuscan halloween events lead us to a six euro camping/car park outside the historic Borgo a Mozzano, home to the devils bridge!

We got into the vibe.

Close neighbours today.

Lots of attention for these two, from young and old alike.

A quick glug of rum, a free minibus ride, two 12 euro entrance tickets later and we became part of a crazy cool halloween festival! Amazing.

Street bands on parade.

An all year theme?


More music.




Some of the sights.

Pig, please.

The parade continues..

He's having fun.

Trapped by an orchestra.

Men in masks down dark alleys with flashlights.. that'll teach the kids!

Hot Cherry.

This man on the bbq turned out to be a legend.

Neon rave.

Street band.

Sad clown.

Sandwich break.

All the musics!


Some kind of ritual..

..1 euro 50 pizza wahoo!

Cajon and flute.


The devil's bridge. So named because its builder could not finish without seeking help from the devil, who in return asked for the soul of the first person to cross it.. seems fair.

The dude from the BBQ turned into front man of an awesome band!

Apologies for Alex's dodgy sideways camera work!

After a cloaked procession threw a flaming torch off a bridge.. fireworks! You can't quite make out the crowd of several thousand we are squished between at this point..

Time for a crepe!

About 1:00am we decided to look for the minibus home. It was full but we got on anyway and were given a ride back to the van on peoples laps, apparently it's 'the italian way..' Great night.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Love the make-up, Al!

  2. I hope you didn't eat Peppa pig, Isabella will be very upset!! Haha. Looks like a fab night! Xxx