Saturday 4 November 2017

Day 55: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Out in the capital.

Hello statue.

Castle on the hill (Ed ruins everything).

Naked statues.


More statues.

A dinosaur!

We couldn't afford the natural history museum but check out these free stones!

I was impressed..

I wonder.. a wooden van?

When you've got to go.

Sarnies in the park.

Not again.

The man leaving in the wheelchair sold us a 2 euro cake which by the time we'd finished chatting we decided not to consume! Highlights included him asking to lock Alex in his basement, let her on to the balcony if she was good and purchase her for a camel. She was less than impressed!

The brownie.

A lift.

Views from up high.

That's the snowy alps on the boarder with Austria in the background.

And Alex with coffee in the foreground.

En-ger-land. Shame it was shut.

Street art.

Locked jaws.

Interesting statue.

Lots of bridges here.

And plenty of art.

I like this one.

Ghetto sculpture park.

Unidentified fallen fruit.

Dog park!

Leaves be falling!


More bridges.

Barney's back.

Three bridges in one! Alex is hiding on the third.

Beer o'clock.

Spicy ricy sausage. Sensational.

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