Tuesday 7 November 2017

Day 64: San Gimignano, Italy

A day out in Florence.

Narrow streets.

A church.

After the big halloween party night, pizza for lunch was an essential.

All Saints' Day is a national holiday in Italy so it was busy busy! People line the streets in eager wait for their stuffed focaccia paninos. We couldn't wait.

The towers have towers!

Bottom, heh heh.

Lots of outdoor statues.

A blob.


The upside down (currently binge watching Stranger Things).

Busy bridge has shops on it.

Make a face.

That's the face :)


That beards coming on something..

Back by the river.

In Florence, people fish IN the river.

These. are. not. pringles.

They're just normal crisps! The packaging lies! More like Crik Crook, we've been robbed!

Fresh tomato, rocket & garlic on the all important italian pasta, topped with not-so-cheddar cheese.

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