Wednesday 20 September 2017

Day 19: Rjukan, Norway

Out of Oslo and things are getting wild.

The hills appear.

Mmm delicious tea.

The hills get bigger.

After twenty minutes driving at 10mph in gear two up a rather long set of hairpins.

Ten squid to park, could've guessed. Can't sniff at the view though!

Our hike to the top of Mount Gaustatoppen begins!

with a snack.

Impressive views.

The path soon deteriorates..

The mist sets in.

Could it be, the summit?

The lazy lift down the mountain - not for us!

4 degrees cold near the top.

A few kind steps.


..we're not at the top.

The scramble begins.

Best follow the Ts carefully!

It gets harder.

A steep ridge.

Finally, the top!

Leaving a note.

Back past the scramble.

Hard rocks.

Things live up here?

Back by the van!

Mission complete.

Time to relax.

And after 19 days, my first go cooking!

Can you tell?