Friday 6 October 2017

Day 33: Potsdam, Germany

Good morning.

A house cat named Joe.

Another excellent german breakfast with all the trimmings.

Another orange cousin; Ute's Smart.

Nudie statue sparks more discussion about german spas.

On route to Alte Meierei Brauerei.

The hieroglyphics are fake..

A green elephant.

Amazing brewery by the lake, a year later and definitely as good as I remember.

The elusive red squirrel.

Not pictured: watching Rhythm Is It! Interesting viewing for musicians & educators alike. 

Very happy to be invited back to play badminton with Ute's Sunday buddies a year after the first visit - Alex killed it! Currywurst to celebrate, naturally.

Not pictured: watching Moonrise Kingdom, as wicked as it was wacky. Very much enjoyed!

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