Sunday 22 October 2017

Day 44: Zakopane, Poland

Popping and banging leads us to an early pitstop.

Here's the culprit.

A quick call to some more mechanically minded friends in the UK advises us to give it a jiggle and tighten everything up.

Bright skies.

Orange trees. Wait, they're not clouds in the distance?

They're definitely not clouds..

Houses with steep metal roofs.

Our alpine campsite.

A ski-slope.

I think not for us.

More popping and banging and it's back under the van. Exhaust wont budge so its time to find a car doctor when we move.

Hanging a picture of Krakow.

Some serious cooking.

With fresh pasta from our crazy Krakow campsite friend.

It's good pasta.

Beautiful bolognese.

Smiles all round!

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