Sunday 22 October 2017

Day 43: Krakow, Poland

A fairly quiet campsite.

To the left of me there is a tent, this will become important later.

WOOL! Finally, time to get knitting!

Healthy snack no. 1

Interesting transport.

Birds of the main square.

 Indoor market.

More interesting transport.


Amazing outdoor market - we visited three times!

Healthy snack no.2 - fried cheese!

Tiny museum under a church.

 New gloves from the outdoor market, no more cold-hands driving for me.


Guitar shop.


Healthy snack no.3

New mittens! An early birthday gift :)

Hummus & Happiness.

Healthy snack no.4 - this one might actually have been healthy?

Free outdoor klezmer gig.

Jewish quarter.

Trendy pub.

Trendy candle lit toilet.

More sights.


Empty chairs memorial.

Oskar Schindler's Factory museum.

It got dark.

Healthy snack no.5!

On returning to our campsite we met the people from the aforementioned tent. It housed some interesting characters; one was very drunk on vodka and gave us some free beer, the other (his cousin) was a chef who gave us some amazing fresh pasta he had made (see following days meals).

The chef also demonstrated some martial arts moves which included asking me to strangle him and him putting his fingers in my mouth! Great pasta, though..

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