Sunday 22 October 2017

Day 46: Podlesok, Slovakia

Posting a very important birthday card.

After calling over ten garages and having almost every single one hang up when asked if they spoke English, we find a Bosch Service Centre where a nice Polish man kindly let his most experienced 15 year-old staff members have a crack at whacking our exhaust with hammers before caking it in smeared-on putty.. cheers.

Buying what we thought was a pastry, we find smoked cheese!

Where dogs roam free.

Taking the scenic route around the High Tatras mountains - definitely not going over the top!

Fluffy cows.

Another busy campsite.

There's another van somewhere up the back there, honest.

It took 46 days stuck in a tiny van with me but Alex has finally lost it.

Heading for a quick sundown supermarket stop.

Some things to look out for tomorrow.. pfff big cats, wolves and bears.. I'm not scared :-/

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