Friday 6 October 2017

Day 34: Potsdam, Germany

Fluffy feline fat arse frolics.

Outrageous. The nudie german spa had a 1-in-1-out queue which we were informed would be over an hours wait in the rain. No naked shenanigans today..

Commiserative gnocchi precedes a very wet journey back from Berlin via foot, pedal & public transport power.

Not pictured - a second visit to the restaurant serving great greek grub!

The boys then went back to the flat whilst Alex & Ute diverted from a food shop with Caipis and aliens.

Not pictured - watching Pride, a British mining film with flare.

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  1. Fässchen! ('Keggie' the cat) Amazing that he's still alive. Toastie has some way to go, but is working on a similar girth.