Tuesday 17 October 2017

Day 39: Prague, Czechia

Here is where we stayed in Prague.

And here's where the wild boar visited us in the night. Grunting like a monster and scary the SH!@ out of us!

Prepping the lunchbox.

Some of the sights.

Down by the market.

Dogs are bigger in Prague.

Cheap & cheeky early-afty tipple.



Need money, reasons unknown..


Inside a church.


Puppets are big business.

Giant crowds salute a giant clock.

Street performers.

More of the sights.

Hanging out.

Apparently this magazine, something, didn't listen!

Hello, Golem!


Fancy taxi.

Alternative transport.

Restecp. Booyakasha!

Busy bridge.

John Lennon wall.

Cheese - special pickled football-pub cheese!

..where .3l & .5l costs the same? Clear choice!

Charming Czech treat.

Up high.

Polished to perfection.

The back of someones head stuck in the floor.

Wait no, a beaver?

Beer. And Alex.

More puppets.

Night sights.

A long bus takes us to the locals music pub at the end of a quiet side street.

With friendly dogs.

And a bloody film night all in foreign when we were hoping for a gig! Hearing about sustainable travel in lands unknown might have been interesting if only there were some subs..

We skipped this one.. a quick google confirms the decision!

Reggae bar.



City centre music bar, can't afford the gig downstairs!

Enjoy upstairs all the same :)

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