Monday 9 October 2017

Day 37: Ostrov, Czechia

Sightseeing in Gorlitz.

With rain.

The roofs have eyes.

The local history museum.

With fancy ceilings.

And fancy roadkill. SPLAT!

Pause for cake.

Gorlitz is where they filmed parts of Inglourious Basterds as well as The Grand Budapest Hotel and many others; we thought about auditioning with the latest film crew but we were just too gosh darn beautiful and talented to be wasted on Hollywood.

Crossing over to Poland.

'The Simpsons..'

And into Czechia (the cool new way to say Czech Republic, Google it).

With beautiful rolling hills abound.

And picturesque little towns aplenty.

It was around about this point when the roads became steep and small, and all sign of life disappeared. There was some very strong wind and we had just been informed of a storm!

Eventually we reached a campsite in the middle of a very high and secluded forest to find the owners eating by candlelight. No electric means no heat for us; first time using the double sleeping bag and we didn't freeze so lets call it a success!

Cracking creamy carbonara by candlelight for two followed by a game of crib and 25 pence Czech beer :) Happy days (although Alex won at crib).

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