Monday 9 October 2017

Day 35: Wendisch Rietz, Germany

Bernd helping me fix the lights - spare bulb to the rescue!

A cycle across Potsdam to castle gardens with a view! The 'bridge of spies' behind us.

Cheeky Vietnamese as a final leaving present from Bernd & Ute; thank you for the incredible hospitality, it has been amazing! What a lovely couple ;)

A view of the Greek restaurant we became locals at - great stuff :D So many brilliant meals out, we have been thoroughly spoilt!

Out in Wendisch Rietz they know how to take their clothes off and it was finally time to get involved!

Our german spa experience happened, and it was great. The nude thing wasn't that interesting and more a formality; I don't think you'd want to sweat that much with clothes on! The theatre spa with herbal towel waving was a definite highlight. The other came when we thought we'd ordered cheesecake and they brought out a cheese board, get in!!! Recommended *****

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