Wednesday 25 October 2017

Day 49: Vienna, Austria

Big room, big bed, high ceiling, indoor toilet, luxury!

Devin castle in the mist.

With donkey.

She wasn't impressed with the weather, or the donkeys attitude.

I think he saw the donkey..

Under construction, denied.


Views over the Danube.

That's a whopper.

I see van!

Exciting times.

Really, donkey..

Mist cleared.

A short drive later.. Vienna! Expensive Vienna.

The market I got suckered into spending 7 euros on emmental cheese, I still feel ashamed.

That cheese, what's worse is Alex doesn't even like emmental, ha.

Fancy biscuits.


Some of the sights.

Another library we didn't quite get inside.

Big rabbit.

Super spicy saucy sausage sour creamy beery yum.

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