Sunday 22 October 2017

Day 45: Zakopane, Poland

Our mountain climb begins with a 2km walk to the village at the foot of the very high High Tatras.

 Looks like a slope.

Big hills.

Now that's a mountain.

Views on the ascent.

The path deteriorates.

Pause for sandwich no.1

The black lake.

Taking the hard route up.

We hit snow.

More views.

Back down and around.

More snow.

We're getting high now.

Almost at the top.

Even closer - hats are on.

The summit of Kasprowy Wierch, straddling the boarder of Poland & Slovakia! Hiking 14km over 6 hours we are 2012m high after a 1108m climb!

So proud.

A well earned hot drink with about as much rum as there was chocolate!

Not wanting to get lost on a mountain in the dark, we opted for the quick route down - 10 minutes in a cable car later..

..and we're back down in town. We spot a friend.

Connecting the van directly to a bar.. it's inspired.. it's ingenious!

Friday night TV dinner; come dine with me and more delicious squid-ink fresh pasta.

Celebrating properly with the good stuff! Thank you to Alex's work buddy, Nico :)

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