Tuesday 17 October 2017

Day 41: Vodni Nadrz Zermanice, Czechia

A new record! 1.8 degrees recorded overnight.

Up to 29 degrees in the sunshine in the morning?!


Cabbage market square.

Accidentally bought wine in the morning thinking it was some kind of fruit juice - honest! As the drink drive limit is zero Alex had to take one for the team and drink the lot, she was devastated..

This one had too much wine.. don't jump!

Some sights.

Since there is no such thing as a free public toilet in Europe, this one came with coffee, orange juice & panna cotta.


On the way to some caves..

..getting the boots ready..

..the caves were closed. In fact after another half an hour driving to another cave it turns out all Czechia's caves are closed today.. who'd have known!

After a long drive to Olomouc we found there were no campsites and it was getting dark so onwards we went to somewhere near Ostrava where we find some fisherpeople. One kindly invited us to stay on their campishite for a small fee..

Good views..

Good cheese..

Pricy market mushrooms.

Traditional Czech beef goulash; gratifying grub.

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