Saturday 16 December 2017

Day 102: Geneva, Switzerland

Woke up to snow.

So did James.

Vans been painted.

 A popular bus.

Musee Ariana..

'Nice chops, giz us a squeeze lav.'


Nice tree.

Into the cold.

Broken Chair protests cluster bombs & land mines.

Waving horse. Hi!

Into the city.


Getting sunny?

Lots of blue balloons are released into the sky.

Feed the birds.

Apparently we came just in time for L'Escalade Festival, commemorating the successful defence of the city against invasion in 1602..


Shops with door guards.. too posh for us!

The Beatles?

Up by Cathedral.

With more festivally shenanigans.

Flea market.

With roller coaster?

Beer break.


Back by the water.

Christmas market, it got dark.

Swish Swiss chocolate shop.

Out of the city for some still not-so-cheap pizza.


Not pictured - cards in our F1 1 star premium quality hotel & sharing a triple room with Alex sleeping on the child's bed above our heads!

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