Wednesday 20 December 2017

Day 108: Aachen, Germany

Another snowy start.

Beaufort Castle.

More of Luxembourg in the snow.

Vianden, Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle.

A painful memory where I reversed into a small wall - slowly, at least..

Over to Germany.

Party night in Aachen with another christmas market.

 Crazy cool buildings unfortunately hidden in the dark.

A final bratwurst.

Or currywurst..

Aachener Brauhaus.

A final Weissbier. 

With this beauty.

Feeling cold, we looked for somewhere with seats free indoors and found them all in a rather posh absinthe bar! 'Grotesque Absinthe Bar' perhaps named after the alcohol content..

Clearly we are not educated..

After a quick how to absinthe lesson..

Absinthe! - Alex very sensibly elected for a small beer.

Back at the market & it's food o'clock. First meat and onion mess.

Then chips, admittedly we were hoping to be given potato fritters but must have got confused..

Bar hildegart.

Scenario for a break on the walk home.

..With pizza!!

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