Sunday 3 December 2017

Day 84: Gjirokaster, Albania

Breakfast with mittens.

A final stop in Greece to get the last of their delicious souvlaki, still a favourite..


The road to town.

We saw lots of teddies and scarecrow-like clothes hanging from half-built buildings, I'm sure there's a story behind it..


A great Albanian phrase for when you have to sell something.. 'Shitet!'

Up towards the castle.

Getting higher.

Alex cut her leg on some metal in town, she's more worried about the ripped jeans.

Inside Gjirokaster Castle.

A rare italian tank.

Views from Gjirokaster Castle.

Look, a plane.

Do you see what I see?

No, what is it?


The stage where a folk festival is held every four or five years, they like to keep it vague.

A church we couldn't get inside.

Time to head back down.

A tourist shop invite us to look at their recently rediscovered 400 year old well, it's 17.5m deep and the air is warm inside it.

Back at the van.

Mist covers the valley and temperatures drop to zero.

Time to use all of Greece's oranges..

..and make delicious fresh orange juice!

Tantalising tuna & tomato pasta.

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