Sunday 3 December 2017

Day 91: Starigrad, Croatia

We arrived at a centerparcs-style campsite in the dark last night and awoke to find our own private beach - in fact two of them.

Lunch by the seafront and a couple of hours blogging by the local laundromat.

Our final sunset over the Mediterranean, just too late to see it from a beach. Stupid dryers..

The bar at the front of our campsite. We went because we thought it would be warm whilst the van heated up but in fact it was quite cold.

The man who ran the site treated us to several local delicacies however, including his mums homemade cheese! He then tried to sell them to us for 90 euros! After more than a bit of haggling we may be coming home with a couple of treats :)

The wash unpacked and repacked in perfect order.

The moon.

Careful with that knife!

Beef stew. Stunning.

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