Friday 22 December 2017

Day 111: Péronne-en-Mélantois, France

Breakfast in bed.

Goodbye rainy camperstop.

Goodbye Durbuy.

And thankfully only positive memories from the night before..

Namur, Belgium.

Views to castle.

A final Christmas market.. go on then!

Belgian mystery-meat sausage roll.

Camembert & hog roast, yes please!

Almost ate the the plate..

Across town..

Back to the van and travelling westwards..

After a less than illuminating trip into La Louvière (no pictures), we stopped outside at a giant Carrefour to pick up some important final Belgian souvenirs & gifts.. just a couple!

Following supermarket super happy fun time, we drove to a camperstop in Binche which turned out to be little more than a spooky car park complete with crowbarred coin slot on the leccy box and a man throwing up from the bonnet of his car..

We decided not to stick around and drove an hour further West to the outskirts of Lille in France where we met this fluffy fellow..

And some more than illuminating neighbours..

Strategic planning required to get these packed!

Creamy salmon pasta - particularly posh.

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