Thursday 7 December 2017

Day 94: Salzburg, Austria

Morning in the snow, all of the snow..

Frozen door handle.

How to heat the kettle when its mega cold and your kettle is shit.

Woo December 1st, advent calendars ahoy!

Wrapped up for the drive.

We made it off the site!

Alps in the distance.

If you could see cold.. there was a lot of it up here.

The water in our bucket froze inside the van, the tea-towel froze, the door seals froze to the van, the door handle wouldn't open on my side and neither door would lock! the result of driving through the Austrian Alps at minus six. The engine did a cracking job (no pun intended)!

Hot chocolate break with the van left unlocked - who nicks stuff at minus six?

Back on the road.

Very grateful to go through and not over!

Our most expensive accommodation so far, must indulge in fancy heated kitchen area & showers.

Views to the mountains.

The walk to town.

Salzach river.

The locks are back.

Busy in the centre!

Christmas market.

Views to the castle.

Going up.

Too expensive, going back..

Some views near the top.

Enough said.

Pause for apple strudel & soup.





Horse with wings.

Cold duck.


Back across the bridge.

Augustiner Braustubl; a vast beer drinkers paradise.

Starting slow.

Here come the steins.

Beer snacks.

The way back.. with Glühwein.

Veg rice for dinner tonight, it disappeared before a camera could click!

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