Friday 22 December 2017

Day 110: Durbuy, Belgium

Breakfast in the van.

Our spot by Maastricht Marina.

Toilets on the water, fancy.

Fort St. Pieter.

With dogs.

Into Maastricht..



Kruisherenhotel - a hotel in a church.

 Boekhandel Dominicanen - a bookshop in another church.

Christmas market.

A wurst too far.



River Meuse.

Liège, my liege. And Montagne de Bueren, a 374-step staircase..

Up top & proud.

Palais des princes-évêques.

Fatty catty.

Inside Cathedral.

Inside Belgian Chocolatiers!

Street noise.

After a long day out, a very dark drive through the Belgian countryside with many a twist & turn.

We made it to Durbuy and the camperstop existed, phew! Time to celebrate by clearing out the cupboards..

It turns out Durbuy has a very popular & boozy Belgian christmas market..

When in Belgium..

Food o'clock.

We were invited over to a stall for several sweet liqueurs by a lady from Brussels and her friend who turned out to be the father of Belgian DJ, Lost Frequencies.

Then on to a bar for a beer. It was about this time that we started to realise our new friends, Geraldine & Fred, might be swingers! I think the real give-away came when one of them asked us 'Do you want to have sex all four of us together?'

An entertaining evening where we were thankfully left to finish our drinks in peace after politely declining the offer to continue the 'party' at their place..

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  1. Peepo!!! Jack what are you doing hiding in those women's coats?!! Haha! Hope you didn't exchange contact details with your new friends!!