Sunday 3 December 2017

Day 83: Ammoudia, Greece

The view from bed.

Shower time.

A very long bridge.

T2ForYou! These guys are awesome. They fixed our headlight (It's been broken since England), changed the oil, put more patchwork on our exhaust pipe and gave us a handful of spare fuses for the lights.. absolutely free!!!

They turn vans into bars.. perhaps something for the future!

Who needs wheels when you've got a forklift..

A pause for lunch. We really should have swam..

And dogs appear..

'I'm sorry about that long scratch down your sliding door, do you forgive me?'

Of course..

Can't say goodbye.

Sundown on Ammoudia beach, where we could camp for free!

It was a very sleepy village outside of holiday season but a kind restaurateur had promised us he was open. When we returned for dinner we were told it was salad followed by fried squid; we said OK.

Happy days.

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