Friday 22 December 2017

Day 109: Maastricht, Netherlands

Morning in Aachen.

This could be fun..

Welcome to Europe's largest outdoor shrub maze; situated in the highest, most South-Easterly point in the Netherlands, it allows views over Belgium and Germany, where the three countries meet..

We were super excited for the maze.

All this walkings been taking effect..

Danger - you will get wet :o

Connect 4.

Alex won.

Not this way..


This could take a while..

After walking in a complete circle, where now?

This way?

Perhaps this way..

Breath in!

Aha, a different bridge..

Getting closer?


Now how do we get out..?!

Getting warm..

Celebration biscuits and hot chocolate included in the price, and a little extra cake.

Looks like Holland!

A rainy evening with blogging and steak. What we thought was lamb turned out to be veal!

Venturesome Veal, captivating carrot & potato mash and opulent onion gravy. Outstanding.

To be ingested with the finest HP, of course..

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