Saturday 16 December 2017

Day 103: Deitingen, Switzerland

After defrosting the door locks with a bottle of warm water, myself and James head for the airport. Closing the door when saying goodbye at the drop off point was a mistake.. the handle froze in open-position & when searching for something to defrost it I discovered our water pipe had also frozen with an icicle coming out of the tap! And so followed a very slow journey back in the snow whilst holding the door closed with one hand..

The handles re-defrosted and with Alex on board we return to the airport to find the runway closed and lots of flights cancelled or rerouted! Luckily our next guest from back home was still circling above..

Mr Cresswell's flight gets cleared for departure. Thank you for an awesome time in Geneva :)

Trading places - a wild Tom appears. With laptop, sickness & a ton of work in tow. 

Onwards to Gruyeres..

It gets cold, and very foggy.

Temperatures go sub-zero & the rain starts freezing to the window before the wipers can clear it. Tom is so happy he chose Switzerland in December. Thankfully, a castle appears in the distance..

Gruyeres & no-one is dead, hurrah!

HR Giger Museum! This is what we've been waiting for..


We weren't allowed to take photos inside.. but here's one anyway..

This place had four floors full of art! With some curious erotic themes.

Back down in the shop.

Apparently Giger made a mic stand for Korn.

New t-shirt for Tom.

The Giger Bar - like the inside of a ship.

More boobies.

Decisions, Decisions.

Absinth for Tom.

Beer for us.

Back through town - sadly too expensive for cheese :(

Worlds most slippery staircase.

Over to Deitingen for a very exciting Air B&B.

Dülü and family invite us to dinner! This was a great experience with plenty of friendly conversation.

And delicious food, with lots of it!

The evening ends with an interesting conversation about eating horse, which is apparently very normal in Switzerland. I was convinced it sounded delicious and must be tried. *update* We chose a big Kaufland in Germany to shop the following day and discovered that horse was not on the menu :( This might well be a good excuse for a return visit to Switzerland someday..

Cats are as big as horses in Switzerland, good job we were all stuffed.

This one's persistent..

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