Saturday 16 December 2017

Day 104: Freiburg, Germany

A cosy nights sleep, definite promotion from the F1 hotel!

Making the most of Dülü's musical house (link to band to be added).


Alex struggles to say goodbye.

We couldn't not have a jam really, could we?

Time to leave.

I see chickens, icy chickens.


Tom works out where his jackets from.

Lapping up some awe-inspiring views of the snow covered alps.. not.

What a great gnome he would make.

German beer ahoy!

After a very wet drive, we must wait for reception to open, at least there's somewhere to sit.

Our palace for a very rainy day - it rained all day.

Christmas cards.


Not pictured - me on the blog until Alex accidentally gave the laptop a wash with beer.

Tom enjoying his work.

Check out the chilli, wickedly warming on a wet & windy day (spent indoors).

Definitely German beer o'clock.

Unfiltered means good, right?

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