Sunday 3 December 2017

Day 87: Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Our latest site, all other residents are of the olive tree variety..

Opposite the entrance..

This really should have been a swim day.. couldn't be clearer!

Little cat.

The old olive tree, this time we found it.


True stuff.

Fancy pants Sveti Stefan Islet.


Around the town.

Interesting art inside a church.

Cat museum!

The cat museum was closed! :( But we saw this cool sign.


Interesting sign..


Blue cheese heaven.

Up to the fortress.

A church.

Another interesting sign.

Still going up to the fortress..

The top!

Flowers on the walk down.

Cats on the walk down.

Around the bay.

Alex's healthy dinner.

Jack's unhealthy dinner.. we shared.

An evening of crib with classic eighties anthems playing on repeat..

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