Sunday 3 December 2017

Day 88: Trsteno, Croatia

Alex's boots get the Leder-Gris treatment and change from looking like suede to shiny black leather..

The many islands of Croatia.


In town, this place is spotless and we think they polish the floor.

Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders.

Christmas has arrived.


Outside the walls.

Views from the Lovrijenac Fortress.

Back inside.

Chocolate & Carub cake.

Hot chocolate.

Apparently hot chocolate mousse is a thing.



Time to go.

Another camp amongst the olive trees.


Down to the beach.

It got dark, we didn't quite make it to the beach.

The table gets an update (will try to get a high quality picture with DSLR at some point).

Particularly Paprikary pork with edgy veggie rice.

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