Friday 8 December 2017

Day 95: Munich, Germany

Got pretty cold in Austria last night. But not inside a double sleeping bag under a giant duvet! Take that, cold weather.

Through a very salty windscreen, a sign on the back of a lorry educated us about 'Wellcum', the mens spa that offers complete discretion..

Pitstop with funky lampshades.

Warm milk & honey.

Back on the road.

New campsite, new favourite word.


It's busy.

Full of happy faces..


Music shop!

Fruit & veg market, mostly Christmas wreaths.

Back at Marienplatz Christmas market.

We went here. It was very busy. After three full loops we found a seat hanging off the edge of a table where a family was eating dinner. We waited ten minutes then the waiter said his shift was over and we left.

Apple strudel!

Choir up top.

Naked Bolognese. Don't worry, we gave it a thorough cheese dressing! Sehr Lecker!

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  1. Loved the happy faces. That sums up (sone) Germans pre-XMas nicely. The other variety are the chilled ones with hit wine